It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with a mental illness within their lifetime (Healthy minds. Bright futures, The Alberta Teachers’ Association and Canadian Mental Health Association. 2009) This includes depression, bipolar condition, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and many other illnesses. We know that there are many other people who suffer from mental illness who go undiagnosed. We also know that EVERYONE goes through periods in life where they struggle with their mental health.

Teens often struggle with their emotions and become overwhelmed with the pressure and responsibilities that come with high school life and yet we provide teens with very little social-emotional learning and emotional regulation strategies. However, the study of literature provides us with an incredible opportunity to educate students about mental health alongside their growing understanding of characters facing conflict.

We often treat mental health as an issue that affects individual people, but the reality is that an individual’s mental health is also impacted by their connection to their community (or lack thereof). Schools have a great opportunity to create a culture which supports positive mental health by embedding education around emotions and emotional processing.

The time is NOW for embedding mental health education into the ongoing, every day work of schools so students can learn and thrive in high school.

Deanne can support schools in three distinct areas:

  1. Resources and strategies to reduce the stress, anxiety and depression of staff and students
  2. Resources to embed mental health education into the curriculum of Language Arts or Literature classes with very little extra effort on the part of teachers
  3. Strategies to connect teens to their broader community to provide a sense of self-worth and purpose to teens.

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Professional Bio

201609-adb-19Deanne Barrett, B.A.     B.Ed. Secondary Language Arts Specialist      M.A. in Education.  Deanne helps teens and parents develop strategies to tackle anxiety, and develop authentic confidence and resilience which will serve them for life. Deanne has spent 14 years teaching high school English Language Arts and advocating for LGBTQA students in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Early in her career, Deanne dedicated herself to understanding the effects of school life on the human heart and mind, and earned an M.A. in Education. Check out Deanne’s LinkedIn profile .

Deanne is a mother, nature lover, writer, meditation teacher, and gratitude artisan.  As a child, Deanne spent her summers mountain biking, reading, and wading in the cold streams of the Rocky Mountains which led to her profound connection with nature, and her love of great novels.