I’m Deanne Barrett, founder of Gratitudeworks. I’ve worked with thousands of high school students over my 14 year teaching career and now it is my mission to transform your mindset in high school by developing your courage to lean in to your areas of growth and developing your confidence in your abilities by walking you step-by-step through strategies that WORK!

It saddens me to see students who feel completely STUCK “doing school” and waiting for their life to begin when they get into the “real world”.

I’ve seen bright, driven students burn out from chronic overwhelm and anxiety from measuring their self-worth by their list of achievements.

I’ve seen students who are intelligent, but trick themselves into thinking that they’re too smart to need to actually do the work, and they procrastinate until they spin out into overwhelm.

I’ve seen countless students isolate themselves from others because of their deep shame, and blame others for their shortcomings, and it is these victim mindsets which they carry into their adult life.

We’ve spent so much time focused on “doing school”  and measuring ourselves by our grades that we’re missing out on understanding our own habits of mind. Once we begin to work with our thoughts, we become more resourceful in finding ways to achieve what we previously couldn’t. (Did you catch that? Let go of being attached to your grades and your grades will likely improve!)

At the end of the day, we all want to FEEL GOOD. I developed Gratitudeworks as a systematic approach to notice your habits of mind so that you can choose better feeling thoughts and achieve success on your own terms.

Why Gratitudeworks?

I’m not asking you to be happy all the time. I don’t want you to ignore all the things in your life that just aren’t right. To tell you the truth, I’m not a naturally positive person. I often wake up feeling negative. But every night, I list out three things that I’m grateful for that day so I keep my challenges in perspective. Every day, I remind myself that “Just for today, I will be grateful”.

Gratitude works. Here’s why: The brain loves familiarity, and so the neural pathways that are most often used are the strongest. If you take time every day to be grateful for moments in your life, you will begin to notice the patterns of what lights you up inside. When you can see and feel what you value, you develop the courage to look at what isn’t working in your life AND CHANGE IT.

You should be able to get good grades AND enjoy your life.

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If you’re a parent of a teen, or work with teens, you know that SO many students feel trapped in school, but are afraid of making the wrong choice about what they’ll do once they’re OUT of school. WE need to begin to teach teens how to trust their ability to make decisions for themselves as an adult. After all, that’s what we all want, is to raise healthy, confident, purpose-driven young adults. I’m here to help you achieve that vision.

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Professional Bio

201609-adb-19Deanne Barrett, B.A. B.Ed. M.A.  Deanne helps teens and parents develop strategies to tackle anxiety, and develop authentic confidence and resilience which will serve them for life. Deanne has spent 14 years teaching high school English Language Arts and advocating for LGBTQA students in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Early in her career, Deanne dedicated herself to understanding the effects of school life on the human heart and mind, and earned an M.A. in Education. Check out Deanne’s LinkedIn profile .

Deanne is a mother, nature lover, writer, meditation teacher, and gratitude artisan.  As a child, Deanne spent her summers mountain biking, reading, and wading in the cold streams of the Rocky Mountains which led to her profound connection with nature, and her love of great novels.