What new possibilities await you in 2017?

Are you declaring 2017 to be a year for YOU?

Are you ready to step into your life in a way that is deeply aligned with your values?

Is a part of you feeling guilty that focusing more on YOU will mean focusing less on your teens?

I know that adults who are focused on their own growth and development are MORE aware of how they can support their teens in ways that are sustainable and lasting.

Go ahead- make this the year that YOU step into your own life, and get clear on your role in your teen’s life.

I’m here to help.

Happy New Year!




Do you find yourself (or your teen) saying things like,

“I’m not a math person”

“I’m just a C student”

“I can’t wait to get into the real world”

If you answered yes, You’re in the “school mindset” of fixed thinking . You’ve been SCHOOLED into understanding yourself according to the system of school, and YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! This “school mindset” actually blocks you from seeing your own strengths, and developing your courage and confidence. That’s why I’ve created the three part video series ESCAPE THE SCHOOL MINDSET where you can identify where you hold this school mindset, and how you can escape this pattern of thought and develop a growth mindset that positions you to WIN, in life and at school. If you’re a teen, or if you support teens, or even if you feel like you’re holding onto beliefs about yourself that developed while you were in school, Join me for my FREE online video series, ESCAPE THE SCHOOL MINDSET by clicking this link

Get ready to step into an online experience that will show you:

How to enjoy simple moments throughout the day to calm anxiety and overwhelm

How to develop more control over your thoughts and emotions

How to identify your values, to give a sense of perspective to your school experiences

ESCAPE THE SCHOOL MINDSET is completely FREE, all you need to do is register by clicking this link, and on November 8th the first of three videos will come to your e-mail inbox. Please share this  with anyone you know who would benefit from this training.

With Gratitude,

Deanne Barrett

P.S. I know that the daily grind is tough, and that we’ve got to grab small moments of pleasure along the way! When you register for the video series, you’ll get a downloadable version of my 6 minute Chocolate Rapture Guided Meditation. Eating Halloween candy will never be the same!

What makes a great teacher…and more, on this podcast interview

music-680561_1920I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kevin Mincher of Unstoppableteen.com on LIT FROM WITHIN, and in turn, he interviewed me for his  podcast series. Kevin has the most amazing gift of being able to ask excellent questions which elicit revealing responses. He also has a great British accent, which is a great contrast to my Western Canadian accent. If you have the interest and the time, check out the podcast interview by clicking this link.

Here’s what you’ll discover about me in the podcast:

  • How Deanne become a teacher(3:01)
  • What makes a great teacher (4:11))
  • What Deanne was like as a child and teenager (5:07)
  • What you can do to improve your reading skills and English grade (6:28)
  • Deanne’s top 5 favourite books for teenagers (9:41)
  • How to accept the unique personal traits and not conform to the crowd during your teen years (11:23)
  • Top tips if you’re considering a career as a teacher (14:10)
  • What’s brilliant about our education system (17:10)
  • What Deanne would do to improve education (19:07)
  • Why it’s important for young people to know what their strengths are (21:15)
  • What students can do to take control of their own learning and improvement (22:48)
  • The common mistake that students need to avoid when learning (25:07)
  • What parents can do to help and support their teen’s learning (26:39)
  • What the “Lit From Within” online summit is all about and how you can get involved for FREE! (28:02)
  • What Deanne believes it takes to be unstoppable (33:00)


mincher-quoteI’ve just wrapped up an amazing online summit called LIT FROM WITHIN: Connecting teens to their own inner resources for success in school AND life. I interviewed teen life coaches, motivational speakers who speak to youth in schools, doctors, yogis, a worldschooler, a nutritionist, a parent coach, all to get at the insight and strategies that can help teens connect in with their own ability to make decisions for themselves.

At the end of the day, the quality of our life comes down to the thoughts we think about our selves. If we have a compelling story about the direction of our life, we are more open to possibility. If we are grateful for what we have, we are more able to see all the opportunities around us. If we can find moments of non-judgemental awareness in the present moment, then our mind, body, and spirit can work together to move us forward toward our goals.  In short, there are ways to cultivate our habitual thought patterns to elevate our ability to find solutions to whatever challenges we face. I’d like to show you how.  CLICK HERE for weekly strategies and inspiration to help you THRIVE in high school!