Feedback from an in-school Resilience workshop:

” I came into this class believing that to be resilient I had to be tough, be perfect, be hardworking, but now I know that it is ok for me to seek help”  – teenage parent at Louise Dean Centre, Calgary


Feedback from group coaching for teens:

“Deanne has become a shining light in my teen daughter’s life. Her expertise and willingness to listen with an open heart makes me feel at ease and trusting as a parent. I know my daughter is in good hands since Deanne offers strategies and methods for teens to love themselves and connect with something greater than themselves. I am so grateful my daughter is learning this at her age. Deanne is going to change the world. ” -Sam Baldwin, parent


Feedback from The Resilient Teen Blueprint Program for parents

“I have been reminded of important truths or I have learned something new during every session. I find that Deanne presents topics in a very positive, mindful and deliberate way. After the group coaching calls I feel grounded and inspired to connect with my daughter in a new way. This is in contrast to some presentations when I leave feeling deflated and thinking “I should do this” or “I should be this”. – Jutta Shaw , parent


Feedback from a Masterclass online training:

I recently watched the Parenting for Resilience Masterclass hoping to find some different ideas to help the students I teach build their resilience and strengthen their emotional well-being.  By the end of the class I walked away with some new ideas about how to help teens push through their discomfort in order to continue working towards their goals. I was also reminded of the importance of putting our kids ‘in the driver’s seat’ as much as possible, and to come alongside them to support when they need help. – Angie Clark